Sunday, May 17

Thanks for voting!

It was interesting to see the results of the poll. The clear winner, with 50% of the votes, was the three squares design, the one we were originally going to go with until we realized we didn’t have enough orange left. (I was glad to see the other three got some votes too though – I really liked them too!)

But since it was our original idea and you guys picked it as the winner too, we got creative and made it work without having to go buy more orange. Here’s my momma ironing a border strip after sewing on the two corner pieces – you can see one of the the orange squares corners hanging off the end of the ironing board…IMG_0629

You can also see, in the background, my craft desk that doesn’t quite look it’s supposed to, but I’ll get it whipped back into shape once the quilt is done. Which I’d hoped was going to be this weekend. But that didn’t happen. Although, not for lack of trying… Here I am trying to look awake and enthusiastic while quilting Square # 68 (out of 100).


Just 32 more sets of squares to quilt into place, then border to be attached (and quilted a little too), and Al’s quilt will be done!!!


  1. The crafting endurance required for quilt making always impresses me! It looks lurvly K!

    I'm trying my best to finish my first ever proper quilt that was supposed to be done in March. I'm finally sewing the binding on, but all by hand, so it's taking forever.

    I bow to your quilting prowess!

  2. It looks great, Karin! What a lot of work!! I hope Al gives you a great big bear hug when he gets it! :-)

  3. Thanks guys.

    KittenMuffin -- if you're on the binding, that means you're almost done!!! Fantastic! We can just bow to each other. : )

    Dee, my mom'll have to get the hug for me -- she's delivering the quilt when she flies out to visit him. (Hmm, wish my fam lived closer!) And note: lap quilts are a LOT less work than king-sized ones! Your quilt is on my list...

  4. oh, how exciting to be almost done!! it is looking great!! :)

  5. thanks kerri! I'm so close now, i can hardly stand it!



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