Sunday, May 10

Hula girl help…

IMG_2901A couple years ago, I received a huge container of fabric from someone for free—various kinds, various amounts—including this one covered in paper lanterns and hula girls.

Yards and yards of it!

I’ve covered notebooks with it, I’ve made reversible purses with it, I paired it recently with the cardboard castle and some bamboo stakes (project photos coming soon) and was very liberal with the measuring and ripping. (Or, wait, did I “triplet” it since it was with two other things?)

Yet despite all that, I still have 2 full yards left of it. Plus once the recent project mentioned above loses its luster or is replaced by a nicer version, I’ll have another 3+ yards again.

Y’all got any inspiration or ideas on how to use it up?

I’ve considered making dresses or skirts for the girls, but just can’t convince myself that they’d turn out “cute in a kitschy sort of way” instead of “kitschy in an ugly sort of way.”

Or hey, I’ve been working on some stuff on the playhouse this weekend. (Hmm, will post photos of that soon too.) So, perhaps I could use it to make something for in there? But what? Curtains?

Or if, when you saw the picture, your eyes lit up and your heart started racing and your mind said “Oh, what wonderful fabric; I know just the thing I would make if I had some,” then let me know how much you’d need (and for what) and I’ll send it to you. Seriously. I need to get more stuff out of my house and the hula girls just might be the next things to go…


  1. Uffda. Can't help you by adopting the fabric, sorry, K. I don't do prints. But I'll tell you what came to mind, though, when I looked at it:
    1 Applique.
    2 Beanbags. Cut out indiv hula girls with some border around, like half inch. Sew together with solid fabric for back and fill with beans. Toss into large bucket or the cardboard castle's dirty dungeon.
    3 Borders. Cut the strip of lanterns out and trim solid fabric to make tea towels and pillowcases and fleece rugs and curtains (but only for play structures). Just use a very, very high solid-to-this-print ratio, that's all.

  2. i think long skirts would be cute, and then an appliqued tee to match. perfect for summer!!

  3. That's cute! My first thought was making the hula girls and the flowers above them into the bottom part of a skirt or dress that is in a yellow/red/orange/brown that goes with it, so you have girls dancing around your skirt, but not the lanterns, because they might end up confusing the pallette with the blues and greens.

  4. New idea! New idea! Would you consider hosting a weekly or biweekly or monthly segment in which you invite readers to contribute a picture of a piece of fabric they need help with, just like your hula one? It would be so much fun to generate ideas for it - it would specifically help the contributor and also give the other readers inspiration on what to do with fabric they have that might be similar. The fabric needn't be ugly - it could be cute-but-not-traditionally-garment-fabric like yours here. Then there is also the option for the contributor to give it away to someone else, too. I'd do it on my blog but I'd only ever pick the folks who sent in solids! I'd be happy to spread the word on my blog for you, too, if that helps. Sound fun?

  5. I think this would make the cutest female Hawaiian shirt ever! Very summery and adorable. If not for you, then for your girls. Personally, I'd want it for me!

    I'm enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing your ideas and projects!


  6. I LOVE your ideas, gals. Each and every one. Thanks SO much!!! I'm so glad that I asked.

    And LiEr I can see the potential in your reader contribution idea too! That would be really fun. Am currently brainstorming some specifics...

    Welcome Susan! Wish I had more patience (or courage?) to try a shirt. If I knew it would be anywhere close to as amazingly awesome as your beautiful peasant blouse, I'd try it in a heartbeat.

  7. i think that the fabric would make a fabulous sundress!!! if you really want to part with it, i would be happy to make a dress for my daughter (my husband LOVES that type of thing it might even make him giddy to see her in it)...but i do agree with susan, and i think it would make a cute Hawaiian shirt for your girls (and i am just a beginner, shirts aren't too bad except for the button situation) is such a happy fabric

  8. ezeldabeth, let's chat via email. some hula girls will soon be on their way to your place. : )



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