Monday, May 18

Playhouse Door …and Fruit Blooms …and Dew

Was reminded of this song from my childhood this morning…

I come to the garden alone
while the dew is still on the roses…

I haven’t seen dew in a long time. Haven’t been awake enough, early enough. But this morning, I saw and was fascinated. Tiny droplets on the tips of my lily leaves…


Oh, and the strawberry plants! Each saw-toothed leaf edged with perfect shimmering beads.


More flora fascination from a few days ago. I love apple blossoms!


Looks like a color palette for a little girl’s room: shades of white and pink, and some brown and green, and just a touch of yellow. Mmm.


We have an apple tree right next to the playhouse...


…which has seen just a little bit more progress. I finally painted the door. Here’s a before & after…

IMG_3027 IMG_3028

Wanted to post something that’s completed. Because Al’s quilt still isn’t.


  1. Typing with 1 finger so can't be as longwinded as usual. Lovely pics of the dew, K! And that playhouse really looks fab. My girls would love it. If they see it, I'll have to lie and say it's a very pretty garden shed... with a porch.... and an easel.... and a cute window for erm.. ventilation for um.. garden tools and bags of mulch and such. Please don't post pictures of the curtains! How would I lie around that?

  2. I love the photos of dew in your garden. You are a very gifted photographer. You're blog is always an inspiration and pleasure to read. I love sewing and gardening and I can always find something new and creative when I visit.

  3. Beautiful pictues of the dew, Karin! A playhouse with apple blossom fragrance floating nearby...could your kids get any more lucky?!

    BTW - "Ima" is my mom. You two really are kindred spirits in your interests. I'll definitely have to introduce you sometime in person!

  4. LiEr, I have to shield my kids from your site too! just the other day, H asked me again, "When are you going to make our dirt?"

    Ima, thanks for your visit and your kind words! (by the way, i do so love your daughter!!!)

    Thanks, Dee.

  5. Me too! That's 3 things we have in common. Oh, 4 I love the play house! I always wanted to provide one first to my daughter, then to her children. Grandpa likes tree forts instead and he's the man with all the tools :-)

  6. What kind of a camera do you own? Is it a Canon SLR?

  7. those pictures are great!! i love how you captured the dew, and the blossoms looks scruptious!!

    love the playhouse!! how fun for your kiddos!

  8. Ima, #5: we love riding motorcycles (or is that just your husband and your daughter?)

    Jenny: No, no SLR (yet?)... I have a Canon PowerShot A75. It's served me well these past many years but I'm starting to wonder if something is going bad with the light meter or if it's just lightyears behind newer cameras. Compared to pictures taken at the same time with my mom's (new) basic Canon, my photos with flash are atrociously washed out. Aargh!

    Kerri, thanks for your notes. It's so nice to see my girls playing in there -- i just hope that continues over the years...

  9. That does make 5. I love to ride, my hubby does all the driving. I just seat back on my throne and watch the trees go by. Not getting out enough this spring though. Seems like there aren't enough nice days to contain all our interests. Maybe in a couple of weeks.



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