Wednesday, May 13

“What do I do…?” Wednesday: Al’s Quilt Corners

I mentioned in my project list post that I’m a little unsure what to do in the corners of Al’s Quilt (due to level of complexity and available fabrics). So I did some more virtual designing in my PowerPoint quilt file and have a few ideas...

Would you like to tell me which one is your favorite corner?

Note: you do not need to be a “quilter” to have an opinion. You just need to have eyes and a brain. And a finger to click the vote button.

Oh, and after the poll I'll talk a bit about the title of this post…

(Click each tile to open a picture of the full quilt.)
orange trianglesthin orange border
3 orange squaresorange patchwork diamonds

(By the way, the poll here and in the sidebar are the same; doesn’t matter which one you use.)

And I’d love to read a comment about what makes it (them) your favorite(s).

As for today’s post title, “What do I do…?” Wednesday gives the impression that this is a weekly thing, like “Menu-Plan Monday” at orgjunkie or “Wordless Wednesdays” (like MaryAnne often does). Well, maybe it will be.

LiEr had a great idea in the comments the other day: to have a regular segment where readers could submit pictures of fabrics they need help with, like I did with the hula girls. I think that would be so fun and inspirational and community-building.

I’m still thinking through some questions I have about it, including:

  • how broad would it be (this post is asking for design opinions, not fabric use ideas)
  • how often would it go (this post’s title seems to suggest every Wednesday, but with me as the facilitator, that’d be a quite a feat!),
  • how would it allow others to share their question (do I feature one person here, or use Mr. Linky to let as many as want to point back to their blog—if they have one)
  • would it really gain a “critical mass” or would my handful of wonderful readers eventually get sick of it
  • what would it be called (not sure yet if I like “What do I do…?” but haven’t thought of anything better yet)

and on and on. I’ll have to think on it some more. Feel free to comment about this too, if you want.

And lastly:

Guess who’s home, safe and sound, albeit missing another tooth?

My Heidi-lein!


  1. Thanks for lunch on Monday. The girls had a great time.

    (FYI: I like the first quilt square and I am not sure why.)

  2. So, I voted for the thin orange border and then decided I prefer the 3 orange squares but I can't change my vote. Guess I'm indecisive too. For the three orange squares one, could the center diamond on the quilt be orange too? I've never made a quilt and have no expertise whatsoever...

    I'd love to see a regular "what do I do..." feature on your blog!

  3. J, us too!

    MA, wonder why it won't let you change. Hmmm. And did you notice your link (to Wordlss Weds)?

  4. Welcome home, Heidi! And congratulations on another tooth - time for your mom to get out (or make) that tooth pillow now!

    K - am excited that you're even considering the idea of readers contributing fabric. It will be like a makeover for fabric! I am, however, sorry that it ended up being more work for you - if I'd actually thought it through and realized this, I would have not suggested it. Can't think of any fun names right now, although something along the lines of "makeover" or "second chance" - something like that. Urgh, even those sound lame.

    But I like those great questions/issues that you raised. I'll try and think up more angles to this, too.

    P.S. I voted on the quilt and am getting very, very anticipative (I know there is no such word) about seeing it in its final finished glory! Go, K!

  5. Hi L -- no no, i love your idea and the only reason I have such a list of questions is that I make everything more work, it's who I am! : )

    Thanks for the quilt encouragement. My goal is to finish it this weekend!!!



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