Thursday, May 28

Fast Felt Board

Needed something to entertain Sophie while I worked on Al’s quilt this week during the quiet afternoon hours when Heidi’s at school and Lucy’s napping. (Something other than my easily over-used usual go-to solution: TV.)
Perfect timing: earlier this week, Suzanne gifted me with a felt board they weren’t using anymore. No pieces, just the board. And Sophie was willing to let me cut up the bear she made a few months ago. (It was the only felt I could find in the whole house!)
Just started cutting random pieces as fast as possible – I had a quilt I wanted to get to before the calm was gone. Amazing what a kid can do with a pile of felt that looks, frankly, quite ugly to a certain adult. 
I did finally remember the stuff that had made me want to make a felt board in the first place; a few months ago while I made purses, Heidi artfully arranged the scraps leftover from various monograms and embellishments. So I pulled out that bag o’ bits and was able to add a little more color variety to Sophie’s pile of orange, red and green.
Once her “town” was “done,” she needed a new setting idea. “Zoo,” I suggested. Can you identify all her animals? Bottom left triplets hint: think midwest, burrows… Oxbow exhibit, for those who are local. : )
Just like Flylady says “Housework done incorrectly still blesses your family,” I now say “Felt board done haphazardly still blesses your kid.”
But I still do want to make one along these lines someday. LiEr felt board
When Al’s quilt – and everything else on the list – is done. So, maybe someday.


  1. Lovely work S did with her zoo and town. Very smart use of the tiny bits to make giraffe spots and alligator teeth! She must have had a blast putting all the individual shapes together, Sadly our felt board doesn't get much air time nowadays because we're always fishing small felt shapes out of K's throat. So they can only play with it when she's napping. And since I make them take naps when she's napping.....

  2. Cute. Your kids are definitely like you in the creativity realm! Did you find the bag of felt I gave to Ken when we switched cars.

  3. I love her little fingers and toes in the first photo!

  4. Sorry to hear about your felt-ivore, L. But soon enough she'll be designing along with the older sisters, instead of eating...

    Yes, Suz, found it and it's already been cut out and enjoyed. Thank you!!!

    Jenny, me too! : ) So glad I didn't crop them out when taking the photo...



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