Sunday, May 31

Merry belated Christmas, Al!


IMG_3530Mom has just a little more to do:  hand-stitching the brown border down. And then clipping lots of extra thread. And then finding a washer big enough so it can gets its first washing. And then she’ll be bringing it along when she goes to visit you next week!


Every quilt needs a name. This one’s is Double Love. Borrowing from the tradition of using red squares at the center of “log cabin” quilts, symbolic of the “heart” of the cabin, we used red squares for all the centers on the ragged squares side. Al, we hope that Love is always at the center of your home! Then Double because it was made by two of us, therefore holds double the love. Plus, it’s a double-sided quilt.


Since putting a label on the “back” side of the quilt wasn’t possible, we decided to embroider the info on one of the tan border pieces on the structured/diamonds side. Fittingly for a Christmas gift, the piece had some holly leaves on it. Plus a guy with a dog. Except you’re so much manlier than that guy with the tree, Al.


And there would need to be two dogs of course. Both MUCH LARGER than the one pictured. (Ken shown below with Tucker and Sierra, missing being a dog owner!)


And see? You will get it before your birthday after all!


I love you, Little Brother!

(P.S. Above photo taken by my totally talented sis-in-law, Jen.)


  1. Great job, Karin! I love the side with all the little squares.

  2. *Standing ovation*
    Hurrah! Hurrah! It is gorgeous! And huge! Huger than I'd imagined! And lovely embroidery, too. So glad it's done, and what a work of art! What fun to be finally done with our winter projects. Guffaws. But seriously, it is so beautiful. And I really love the side with the squares especially.

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! It's so impressive all put together! What a priceless gift. I'm sure he'll treasure it for a lifetime.

  4. Great stuff!! I love the pattern and colours! Wonder if you possibly could teach Jana to do one for our house !!:):)

  5. It's done! What a sigh of relief you must be heaving. Very cool, Girl. You can be my big sister any day--oh yah--I'm older.

  6. Thanks so much for your comments, friends. Yeah, it does feel good to have it done. As my parents were driving away, I was waving at them but thinking, "Wait, the quilt is in that car, and that car is leaving!"

    And now all my other unfinished projects seem so small and easy...

    Jutta -- yeah, we'll have 6 months to sew. Make sure you tell her what colors you'd like to have. : )

  7. Double-sided? You are amazing. Your brother is going to feel SO loved.

    I like both sides equally as much for different reasons, but the one with the smaller squares is so impressive and interesting to look at.

    I'd say this is a quilt worth waiting for!

  8. congradulations on getting the quilt done! how exciting! it turned out great!!

  9. wowo! i love the quilt, it is quite amazing! happy wednesday!

  10. Thanks for the notes! Talked to Al a few days ago who said he's been sleeping under it and loving it. Yay!



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