Tuesday, July 21

If I say “Board Games”…

…do you think “kids’ stuff”? e.g. Candyland, Chutes and Ladders

Or maybe “not if I want to stay married”? e.g. Monopoly (you’d have to ask my in-laws about that, but I’m sure you can imagine!)

If so, just wanted to let you know there’s a whole world of fun board games out there! I was reminded of that this morning, while reconnecting with a friend who now lives in Brazil but is in the States for a few months. She reminded me that she learned to play Settlers of Catan at my kitchen table many years ago and told me she has now taught it to many of her friends in Brazil, who all love it.

settlers catan{all images from boardgamegeek.com}

She also told me about another game she discovered recently – which is another favorite of mine too: Carcassonne. So fun and fabulous!


So I figured today was a good day to teach her another great game, Ticket to Ride, which uses a map of the USA as the basis for its board…

ticket to ride2

…but which – due to the graphic manipulations of talented individuals around the globe – is also available using maps of various other countries for the game board, including Brazil!

And while I was at boardgamegeek.com, I saw that I could add a widget of “recently played games.” Notice it there in my sidebar? (How could you not – it’s hugely long!)

Sadly, our time spent boardgaming dwindled drastically when Ken started his MBA a few years ago. But now he’s almost done; I have hopes that we’ll soon be shaking dice, collecting cards, and placing tokens again on a regular basis.


But this all has got me thinking – do I initiate a regular craft night, as mentioned previously? Or a regular game night? Hmmm…

Or perhaps a craft-a-game night? Ha ha…

7/23 Edited to add: Thanks for the additional suggestions for more great games -- see comments. Any others you love? (And why?)...


  1. K, those games look like so much fun! I've never seen them before, let alone played them. We used to play this very simple one called Ulcers as kids. You had to collect a whole staff in your sales organization, and other players were constantly raiding your collection. And there was another one that wasn't board-ish, called Crack the Case - like 20 questions, but with a crime scenario. Fun. The kids are now playing Beddy Bye Baby a lot. Speaking of Bed, it's almost midnight. Am off to mine now. Have a great day tomorrow! May there be some sun.

  2. Hey Girl--I've been meaning to blog game reviews--just hasn't happened yet. And I really want to have game nights once a month. We're going to be playing games today with Susi--she leaves on Monday!

  3. Ooo, ooo, ooo, I vote for the game night idea!! Especially because we don't own any of the cool European games, so we can only play them when people invite us over!! :-)

  4. Settlers and Ticket to Ride are two of my favorites. Ijust wish we had the opportunity to play them more often...(not so subtle hint*hint). I also like Bonanza...the bean card game.

  5. I think we have every expansion of Carcassone possible! It is one of the FEW games I don't mind playing...

  6. Can I get in on the board game nite?!?

  7. Ooh, haven't heard of Ticket to Ride yet - I like Carcassone and of course Cities and Knights, too! Another fun one that we used to play quite a bit is Killer Bunnies.

  8. LiEr - a game for kids called Ulcers?!? Too funny! Might as well get them prepared for the rat race early, eh? : ) And now I know what we're playing next time we meet up! (Ticket to Ride, not Ulcers!)

    Kristi - yes, reviews please. Starting with Agricola!!!

    Dee & Ebby -- I'll keep you posted. Yay!

    Oh, and Ebby, do you (or someone you know) have Bohnanza? That's another one I've heard great things about but not played yet.

  9. Suz - how ironic, your lack of interest generally in games, considering who you're married to!

    Omi - coming to game night involves first being in the same state as me. (And no, I'm not talking about the State of Confusion.)

    Chevy - you need to try TtR. Nice because it can include anywhere from 2 to 5(!) players. (though can get quite cut-throat with just 2, perhaps putting it in the "Monopoly nearly killed our Marriage" category.)

  10. Ah! Excellent games one and all and I would love a craft-game night. Don't suppose you live in Maine? :)

    You might want to check out a game called Rico. Really simple but very addictive, especially if you like sorting. Husband is fond of a game called Agricola, which is... well, better than Advanced Civ, but not light in the rules department.

  11. Ooh! I also recommend the games by Blue Orange to my customers at the store who have small children. Bendominos, Gobblet, CooCoo and Bingory are my faves, but all their games are great literally for all ages. They also won't make you want to tear your hair out after playing a game unlike certain sweets-themed boardgames. Plus, their production quality is fantastic.

  12. Hi Chris -- Nope, I live in MN, which my younger self THOUGHT stood for Maine but in the meantime, I know better. Too bad... I LOVE your Blue Orange recommendations -- am just seeing them for the first time and am totally impressed. Yay, I have half my Christmas presents figured out now! : )

    I've heard of Puerto Rico (another "not light in rules dept" game; clearly NOT "simple"!!!) but not Rico. And didn't find anything when I googled it either. Can you give more info?

  13. Puerto Rico is a pieces heavy game but the rules are actually quite simple by comparison to Agricola. If you know PR, you'll understand most of the concepts of Agricola. Unlike PR, Agricola is a very different game depending on the number of people playing. I like it best using only the base game with 3 players. Husband likes it either solo or with the expanded rules and 4 or 5 players.

    You couldn't find Rico because I got the name wrong. It's R-eco. It's a card game by Z-man about recycling. It's one of those games that's simple enough for the non-gamers to catch on to quickly, but has enough strategy to keep the rabid-gamers going.

    Another one you should check out is called Pandemic. It's cooperative, so it's basically all the players working together against the board. It recently had an expansion come out to keep things fresh.

    The new one I can't wait to try is called Tales of the Arabian Nights that just came out this week. I'll let you know if it's any good.

    Sorry to ramble on. My geek got away from me. Maybe I'll have to start blogging games too. 8)

  14. Wow, PR rules are simple compared to Agricola?!? I thought Settler rules were simple compared to PR! : )

    Thanks so much for the additional recommendations. Already read up on R-eco now but just had time for a quick scan of the other two. Pandemic sounds so interesting -- the only other cooperative game I know of is Orchard... and that's geared toward kids. And Tales sounds really interesting too.

    I'd highly recommend adding a regular game review to your blog! The world needs to know. : )

  15. And Kristi, now that life might be slowing down again (sort of), you should start your reviewing too! You probably have at least a year's worth of weekly posts right there!



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