Wednesday, March 17

Craft Night #1: Success!

For ages, I’ve been meaning to organize a craft/project night. Last night, it finally happened!

IMG_4927 IMG_4920 IMG_4921 IMG_4922 IMG_4923  IMG_4925 IMG_4926
(I didn’t ask their permission to post photos of them;
I hope they don’t mind if I show just their hands—or feet.)

Three crocheters (one first-time),
three knitters (one first-time),
one beader,
one self-described “non-crafter” who brought her laptop instead (which made the first-time knitter wish she’d brought her laptop instead too),
and one spinner (making yarn out of recycled jeans fiber)!

Equals nine of us gathered around a table to chat and laugh and do.

My work for the evening included finishing the edging on the purple hat and starting in on the pink.


The white edging seems too stark to me. I mentioned I might add grey as a border on the white (like the grey border on the kitty); someone else suggested adding grey between the color and the white. And as the ideas were coming in, there was also laughing. And heckling.

“You know what Karin is going to do next, right? She’s going to try it all… Single crochets and double crochets… Using an I hook, and a J, and an H, and a G… ”

They know me so well. I’ll try to keep my “testing” in check. After all, I’d like the hats to be done while it’s still cool enough to wear them. : )


  1. What a fun night, I LOVE that spinning picture!

    I had the same thought to add grey in between before I read that next part of the sentence. But I think the white works fine. Of course, I'm the opposite of you - I make it one way and leave it, even when I'm not completely happy with it - and sometimes when I really shouldn't just leave it...

  2. That sounds like SO much fun! I wished I had more people around here to craft with. Unfortunately there aren't many, or maybe I haven't looked good enough :-)

    The little hats look really cute. I wanted to suggest even another colour in between, but I guess, after reading your post, I really shouldn't ;-)

  3. So nice!
    And wonderful hats, lovely colours:)

  4. Looks like you had a blast! I know several crafters, that is a great idea to organize a craft night. I could serve munchies, maybe a cake or cupcakes... maybe have a craft ready for them to do, or they could bring their own... see, the ideas are already swirling around in my head!!

  5. I'm sad I didn't make it but with the little sleep I've been getting with Ellie's coughing, I was in bed way before 9:30 last night. Can't wait till the next craft night. I'd be willing to host it if you guys need me to.

  6. that sounded like such a genuinely good time...invite me next time...:O) I don't knit or spin...but I do have a laptop!!!

  7. MaryAnne, how funny that we're so different. But then again, my husband's more like you so we balance each other out well...

    Karin- oh, i DO hope you find some! They must be around! Perhaps to start you can just invite friends for a "project" night - whatever they want to work on - and see where it goes from there. P.S. Another color? Tempting, very tempting! : )

    Thanks, Anne! My girls each picked their own colour - was glad they didn't ALL want pink!

    Sandy, definitely get something going! (And don't wait a year to actually do it, like I did.)

    Suz, hope she's feeling better soon. See you at the next one.

    Schuster - I feel like I haven't seen you in ages! Definitely come to the next one - i'll let you know when...

  8. Boo Hoo! I missed you guys! I stayed home with the boys and try to craft by myself but ended up helping one kid with the wii and another with his carving project - can't wait until next time!!

  9. Karin,
    I can't believe you got her to knit!

  10. Cindy - I'd like to see what "helping with the Wii" looks like. : ) We missed you too!

    Believe it, Ima! AND she knit for a few more hours with us, out on the deck in the sunshine this afternoon. And I LOVE what she's making it for -- to wear with her leather Harley jacket with the same color red logo on the back!!! Love that girl!

  11. how does that jeans yarn spinning thinga-ma-jig work? looks so cool :D

    1. Hi Quirky--
      Unfortunately I have no idea how it works. But it was definitely very cool! All I remember is that a friend of mine brought it, used both her feet on pedals to make it spin, and deftly made fluffy jean "trash" into amazing yarn...



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