Friday, March 5

And the (Dodgeball/Crown) Winner Is…

So, I finally determined who is getting the extra crown. I looked up the comments on the crown post and included everyone who didn’t specifically say they didn’t want it. I wrote the nine names on little slips of paper, fully intending to just have Sophie pick one out of a hat.

But one thing led to another, and soon the slips were snipped into crowns, and the crowns were affixed to toilet paper tubes, and smiling faces were glued on, and we had nine happy contestants ready for a fierce game of Dodgeball. Last one standing would get the crown…


They lined up in the order they had left their comments. But it probably didn’t really matter all that much since the person on the opposing team can not yet read and had no idea who was where.

Poor Susan, smack dab in the middle, was the first one out. Hmm, not really “dodgeball” when you have no arms with which to catch… More like “bowling” really. But Susan was still smiling! What a good sport!


Next out was OmiZaza. I was beginning to wonder whether the people lined up nearer to the middle were at a disadvantage. But on the very next shot, it was “the end of the line” for the end of the line. For two people, in fact. Karee and Chris were out.

Next to fall was JDaire. The four remaining contestants started to get a little cocky as a number of balls rolled right past them…


…but the 5-year-old soon got her groove back and Dianne was out.


The three that were left moved to the center of the table for the final show-down. Jessica soon went flying.


Down to the Final Two. Balls were rolling left, right and center, literally…

 IMG_4635 IMG_4636

…until one finally found a target. Ezeldabeth was out, leaving LiEr the last one standing. Congratulations, you win the crown.IMG_4638

“Mommy, I want to be in the picture with her.” I think Sophie wants me to do another giveaway soon.  : )



  1. Oh, and I was TASTING me a crown, too! Shoot. Well, at least I went out FIRST. lol

    What a fun way to have a drawing, Karin! Looks like everyone had a ball doing it. A ball, get it? lololol

  2. Soooooo creative....just like K! Give some headbands away!! :)

  3. I'm sitting here rolling in my chair laughing. This is an AWESOME way to pick a giveaway winner! Love your creativity.

  4. That is too funny! And I think a headband giveaway would be awesome. Sign me up twice!

  5. Susan - love the pun!! And the pointing out of the pun. Made me laugh!

    McC & Chris - yeah, I have been thinking my hair stuff drawer is getting a little crowded with headbands. Might even make some new ones just to give away. : )

    Sara - glad i could make ya laugh!

  6. Thank you for knocking me down last! Hurrah! Hurrah! Thank you, K, for the giveaway, and for the best ever method for picking a winner! Much better than names-out-of-a-hat and much more befitting a crafty-type-blog than!

  7. You're so welcome, LiEr. I'll pass your thanks on to the little maiden who was responsible for all the knocking down.

  8. close...i was holding my was fun anyhow!



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