Saturday, March 6

Hush, Little Softies

The project I started the other night is done. Those little white pyramids became the innards for more softies, which needed to be finished in time for a baby shower this morning. Now that I got going on these again, I hate to stop. Not only is there the mental exercise of thinking of how to represent an animal as simply as possible, I also love the added challenge of using only whatever I can find amongst my supplies.


(Though if I do another zebra, I think I’ll pick up some zebra print fabric – the patchwork method was quite laborious.)

Instead of pictures, I decided to make a little video, since most of the softies make noise and some do stuff. The book that inspired me to make these is one of our favorites, especially at bedtime: John Butler’s Hush, Little Ones.


  1. Ooooh, these are really cool! I love the simplicity of them all. Awesome job!

  2. Karin, I'm completely in love with your little softies. The simplicity, the cuteness. They are wonderful. What a great idea!

  3. Hi.
    Your softies are so cute:) I love them!
    Have a nice day!
    Hugs, Anne:)

  4. these remind me of the kid's game, "five stones", that is (or was before all the wii, xbox and the Internet came along)popular here. It's played with little pyramid pieces like these, usually handmade and stuffed with beans, sand, rice, etc.

  5. I. LOVE. These.

    LOVE them.

    I am amazed at how many different sounds you found. The jingling bell especially caught my attention. And I do have some ideas for you. I'll send them directly. ;)

  6. thanks, all! it's so kind of each of you to stop and comment.

    Karin - the idea for the original concept wasn't my own; i saw a chick, penguin, dragon/dinosaur, and kangaroo elsewhere. I've just expanded on them (e.g. adding a tail to the kangaroo that's connected ot the little joey in the pouch) and enjoyed thinking up new animals.

    SP - what a coincidence! As I was sewing these, I was reminded of the five stone game too and intend to make a bunch of sets for my scouting troop to play with before/after troop meetings! I think the girls will love them -- they think "chinese jumprope" which we introduced to them a few months ago is just amazing!! : )

    Chris - thanks so much for the notes with diagrams too! As for sounds, I'm always on the lookout for more. (Ha, just thought of "needs more cowbell" - you know that SNL sketch by chance?) For a softie given at Christmas, I used a little "grunter" I found at a toy store -- it "grunts" every time you bounce it. Only problem - it was too tall for the pyramids. Was able to cut/glue/re-attach/etc but didn't "grunt" quite as well after that...

  7. Needs more cowbell! Yeah! :) Too funny.

  8. Yeah, Chris, we say that a lot around here. Along with "that dog with the shifty eyes." But that's a Simpson reference. Amazing how often you can fit those two phrases into conversations... : )

  9. These are so cool! I want to make Lily a set (because I don't have enough projects in the making already...)

  10. ok, so everyone already said all the wonderful things that i was going to say...but i will go ahead and be redundant anyhow....i LOVE these... you have come up with some really great ideas! i love the joey...i really want a whole zoo/farm of our own...and to make them for all the new babies...(not that i have time right now, but they are going on the list anyhow) thanks for sharing (my daughter loved the video)



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