Friday, March 11

Not a Cake…

Nope, it’s a bag. And I didn’t make it – Old Navy did. I just altered it.


Because I was in the middle of cleaning up my corner and I came across it and instinctively knew that the updating of the bag was an integral part of the cleaning up of the corner. Wanna see the “before”?


Oh, that’s the “before” of the corner. And sadly, there is no “after.” Yet.

Here’s the “before” of the bag…


Can you tell what the problem was? Here, let me make it easier…


A gift from a good friend, my favorite color, mesh sides – I loved the bag! Except for the width. In fact, it was even narrower at the top than the bottom!

So I ripped up the side seam, sewed some slightly tapered panels on, then sewed a new side seam. Would’ve taken pictures along the way except for the fact that I was, you know, busy cleaning up my corner…


  1. Brilliant! And I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who has a sewing space that looks like that!

  2. Good looks great! Is there anything you CAN'T DO????



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