Wednesday, March 30

Prettier Chocolate Chip Cookies

Girls and I made chocolate chip cookies and it reminded me of a fun little tip I read somewhere. (Probably in Cook’s Illustrated – this sounds like their kind of tip…)

Cookies below are both from the same recipe, but the ones on the right look so much more chocolatey, don’t they?


Why? Because when we were mixing up the dough, we kept some of the chips separate. Then after we’d scooped the dough onto the sheets, we pressed two or three more chips into the tops of the dough balls.

(Didn’t think to take pictures of that… Maybe because my fingers were too doughy and chocolatey…)

Is it a finicky, detailed, extra step? Sure it is (which is why I suspect it came from Cook’s Illustrated – ha ha; love that magazine!).

But does it give little kids a fun little job to do during cookie making time? Yup.


And it makes a good-tasting cookie even more good-looking too. : )


  1. That's right, Jenny. Didn't you just recently use a whole BAG of chips instead of the 1 cup listed in the recipe?



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