Thursday, March 17

Pot-of-Gold Rainbow Cake

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


I’d originally intended to post this last weekend when we made – and ate – the cake above, a birthday cake for Ken. A friend had told me about the “rainbow” cupcakes she made, which inspired this cake, and I been thinking I’d pass along the idea; maybe someone would want to do something similar for a special treat today…


But after plunking all my photos in, I decided to check email before typing any text. One link led to another and I found myself reading this article about “inspiration overload” (as one commenter called it): How To Protect Your Time From Too Many Good Ideas (by Rachel at Small Notebook). 

Suddenly I wasn’t sure I wanted to post a “how to” that had an implicit 4-day deadline… Plus I was too busy reading more of Rachel’s articles. : )

Then Ken came upstairs, saying, “You gotta watch this video.” And for 15-minutes, we watched a tsunami-generated wall of water obliterate everything in its path. And then watched more videos (ones without so much stuff covering half the screen) and thought of what life is like right now for some people on the other side of the world.

And then I closed the computer and we took some time to be thankful together… and just be together.

Today, I opened up the draft, deleted most of the photos, and tried to capture some of what’s happening in my head. Perhaps another day, I’ll show the colorful batter, describe the silliness of my heating core fiasco, inspire someone to make their own rainbow cake because it fits in with their bigger goals for their day. But for now, I’m closing the computer and going off to make some aprons with an enthusiastic 6-year-old.

Oh, but first, just two more photos I couldn’t delete – my own precious “Pot of Gold” blowing out his birthday candles. 



  1. Happy Birthday Ken! And that cake looks great. Very colourful indeed!

  2. This cake seems to be delicious. I think i will try this recipe this weekend, it`s a perfect ocasion because it is my birthday.



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