Wednesday, March 9

Jana’s Heart Birthday Cake

Another cake post – ‘cause yesterday was Jana’s turn for a birthday cake again.


Hard to believe she’s been with us a year and a half already. And will probably only be living with us another half a year before moving on to the next big step in her life… : (


Her imminent departure is what inspired the messages on the sides:


So glad we get to count you as part of our family, sweet Jana. Happy birthday!


P.S. Boyfriend Paul was also at the house last night. I’d left my decorating supplies on the counter, when he and Jana come running over to me. “Take a picture of the frosting on our fingers!” she said.


I did. Aren’t they cute? Young love…

Soon after, another voice said, “Mama, take a picture of the frosting on my fingers!”


Mmm, doesn’t THAT look tasty?!?


* * *

Stay tuned for more sugariness. Next birthday – 4 days away…

1 comment:

  1. do you write so neatly on the sides of the cake? Are you a contortionist??



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