Tuesday, May 3

Next Time My Kids Are “Careless” I Will Remember…

…accidents happen!


Can you believe it?!?

I did that!!!

How many times over the years have I told my kids to “back up from the cake”?!?

And then I’M the one to hook a 6-inch gash into this one. Front and center!!!


One minute, I’m clearing things off the table so I can put a tablecloth down and take a few pictures of the finished cake.

Next minute, I’m staring speechlessly at a huge glob of frosting and cake on my index finger.


Eventually, I recovered from my shock.

I stared at the gash.

I stared at my finger.

It could have been a LOT worse!

I licked off the glob.

I started to laugh.

And I was oh so happy that I still had plenty of frosting left.


So I pulled off the squashed flowers and stars, heaped some white frosting into the big hole where cake had once existed, rewrote “one groovy”, and piped the needed flowers and stars into place again.


Good as new.

Maybe next time, I won’t worry about what the table looks like.


And when one of my sweet children…

  • spills her {insert liquid here} AGAIN….
  • or misplaces her {insert object here}  AGAIN…
  • or forgets to {insert action here} AGAIN…
  • 0r is seemingly “careless” in one of a million different ways AGAIN…

…I will extend grace, remembering that accidents happen.


  1. OK, I think I need to buy myself a cake...you make me crave frosting! It's a weakness of mine. Don't tell anyone. :)

  2. You are amazing!!! Now, I need to learn how you learned all your awesome cake decorating! Did you take a class? I am looking at the ones at Michael's, but don't want to go alone, so I need to find someone who can do it with me:) Think I can convince Suzanne?

  3. Yes, Hanne, definitely ask Suzanne! They look like a lot of fun!

  4. that is one amazing cake! and those are words of wisdom! :) lisa



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