Wednesday, May 25

Pink Doll-Size Crazy Quilt


I came downstairs recently to find Sophie in my little corner. She’d sorted through my stash of scraps, looking for ones of interest, and was arranging them…


…and measuring them as needed. (Slightly sticking tongue out improves measurement capabilities tremendously.)


Looked like a great time to make a crazy quilt with her. So we cut out a backing piece – so we’d know what size and shape we were trying to get to – and then started sewing pieces together. She’d pick a fabric and point out where to put it, I’d help her figure out how to place it, we’d sew it on together – me doing most of the fabric-guiding near the presser foot and her doing most of the pedal-pushing to get the needle going and stopping.


With just about a quarter of the top left to fill up, she decided it was time to play outside with her sisters, so I asked her if I could finish it up, and lucky for me, she said yes.

Once the top was complete, I ventured into stipple quilting again, which I haven’t done since the Crafty Raven game “board” more than three years ago. Hmm, I should probably get a darning foot for my machine, eh? I managed to stipple-quilt the whole thing without stippling my finger under that totally exposed needle, but I do NOT recommend this technique…


She likes it because it’s pink (and she made it). I like it because each of the tiny scraps reminds me of projects past (and I made it with her).


So now Snuggle Bear has something to keep him warm at night.



  1. I will make a quilt before I die. :)

  2. I'll just warn you, Jenny, sewing (quilting) can be as addictive as baking...

  3. What a lucky girl! That little quilt is adorable!

  4. that is fabulous! and what fun for her. i'd like to do something like that with my little girl (a sofie, like yours! or rather, sofia), but i have no idea how to quilt. i know i could figure out with squares or rectangles, but i have no idea how to do it with all those irregular pieces.
    thank you for stopping by my blog, too! it was great to see you there! :) lisa

  5. hi again! i know i've already left a comment on this post, but i just can't get this quilt out of my head! i've never quilted before, perhaps because i'm not a fan of the typical rectangle/triangle quilt look, but i love this sort of "crazy" quilt. but how do you manage to get all the little pieces pieced up and sewn together? can you offer me any suggestions or do you know of any tutorials online to do this sort of quilting? thanks so much! :) lisa

  6. hi lisa-- so glad you like the quilt! i definitely have some suggestions but think they'd fit better in their own blog post than here in the picture-less comments. in a nutshell, it's "stitch and flip." and it's WAY easier than traditional piecing!



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