Friday, June 10

Lucy’s Artwork Birthday Cake

I LOVE Lucy’s drawings these days. They are just so… happy! But yowsers, is she prolific! At first I was carefully tucking them into her “keep” box. But then I realized I would soon run out of room. The girl just loves to draw.

So when I was thinking about what to put on her birthday cake, wanting something that would capture a piece of her life right now, I decided I should just let her design it herself!


She drew a “throne” (see that backwards L?), a “fairy” (in orange) and a “flying lion.” At 4, she does not yet know how to spell, but she loves letters, so I wrote out a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” cheat sheet so she knew which letter to write next.


She doesn’t need a cheat sheet for her name – this version was a little more legible than usual though. Often, the four letters all end up looking like Cs, the last one with another tiny tilting C on top…


All limbs drawn by Lucy (whether people or animal, arms or legs) end with dots. And when the people/animals are flying, then the limbs extend off to the side, you know, trailing through the air after the body! They’re just too cute in these mama’s eyes! So that’s what I put all around the sides. Body-less limbs, flying through the air.


After a fun morning of bouncing with her best friends (her sisters)…


…it was finally time for cake. Happy Birthday, sweet Lucy!



  1. What a neat idea! I'll have to remember this for Emma's next birthday!



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