Sunday, May 22

Folded Bascetta Star: Sheet Music Edition


A while back as I was catching up on some good blog reads, I fell in love with these bascetta stars that Miss Muffin made, right down to the yellowed sheet music she’d used as her paper.

Happy day – during a recent decluttering session, I came across some old piano sheet music that was literally falling apart at the seams. I plunked out a few of the songs and was reminded that I didn’t really like them much. So I’m not sure why I kept the music, but I’m so glad I did!


Each star requires 30 squares that are folded individually, then assembled. So while waiting to pick up children, I was busy.


And now I want to make many many more! Thanks for giving me the idea, Ulli!


P.S. I watched this great youtube video by Jo Nakashima to learn how to fold them. I think my squares were about 10cm (~4”) square.


  1. What a cool idea! I have some sheet music I don't care for sitting on the shelf because it's like fabric, I can't bear to toss it. Maybe I'll fold some of it into stars like this =)

  2. I hear ya, MaryAnne! I hate to toss anything that might be useful for some as-yet-unknown craft. : )

    J, depends on the kid... Most, probably not. But perhaps they could do the first few steps (which are similar to making a basic paper airplane) and then someone else could take over the last fold and the assembly.



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