Saturday, February 13


Because she wanted to bring along SnuggleBear as her special “birthday-kid show-and-tell” to preschool the next day…

Because she asked so sweetly…

Because I wanted a break from sewing crowns…

Because I figured How hard could it be to loosely trace around Bear’s torso, cut out two pieces a little larger than my traced line, sew them together, then zigzag the openings?

Because I had some heart fabric and fusible web handy…

Because I love my Sophie, who loves to accessorize her stuffies


…SnuggleBear got to go to preschool yesterday, partially clothed in holiday-appropriate attire.

(Sophie wanted pants too. And slippers. Apparently, I only love her a shirt’s worth.)

OK, back to party prep now. Crowns and jewels are ready to go.


Cake is baked, arranged, and waiting for frosting (Doll Pick was refusing to pose for photos until SnuggleBear gallantly offered his shirt).


Paper chain decorations are being constructed.


Oh, and treasure hunt clues are ready too, written in rhyme by Daddy, along with hiding checklist.


So, I’m off to mix up some buttercream…


  1. That will be a SUPER cute party! I cannot wait to see the cake all finished.

  2. I should be in bed, but arrrrgggh! What a sweet post! And yes, I totally relate to dressing one's child's stuffed friend in last-minute handmade finery. How does one say no to a maternal instinct that prompts, "It'll only take you an hour. Go on, her smile will be worth it." Even at midnight.

    Love those crowns! They are amazing! And you stuck all those gem things on indiv cards? Whooo! I dumped mine in bowls! Now THAT is organized! What a fab party this is already turning out to be. Bummed that we aren't there (but J has hives today, so just as well!)

    Give S three hugs from us!


  3. wow, that is going to be a great party! and what lucky kids to have such great favors! have fun :)

  4. Your party sounds fabulous! LOVE the crowns! And eek I need to work out what to do for MY daughter's 4yo party next Saturday. Time is running out...

  5. Ohh, that will be a great party, I am sure! The crowns look amazing, they will have so much fun decorating. And a treasure hunt is always great, we did one here too.

    Have fun with the party!

    x The other Karin

  6. Jenny, cake post is up. Thanks again for loaning out the pan!

    LiEr, YOUR stuff is last-minute handmade finery; mine is just last-minute handmade. : ) But I'm very glad I put the gems on cards -- not too hard to do while watching TV one evening, and made the craft time less crazy for me. (I have control issues.)

    Thanks, cucicoo - the party WAS fun!!!

    MaryAnne, how are the plans coming along?!? Two more days!

    Thanks, Karin -- your chefs' hats were definitely inspiring!



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