Wednesday, February 10

A Crowning Moment

My sweet Valentine’s Baby turns 5 on Sunday!


Perhaps I’ve been reading too much TheMrs (where another Karin makes personalized chef’s hats for each party guest)…


…or ikatbag (where Lorraine makes a 10” Hello Kitty doll with dress for each party guest to decorate)...


…but Valentine’s Baby asked for a Princess Mermaid party, so I’m neck deep in making crowns for each party guest. Jewels to be added by party guests, except for two-year-old Lucy’s, which I did already.


I think I may need more jewels. More pink  & purple jewels, specifically!


And more time. (photo below, best of the bunch in my opinion, taken by 4-year-old Valentine’s Baby!)


There’s still a treasure hunt to set up (though that’s Daddy’s domain). And a Pin the Tail on the Mermaid Game to make. And a mermaid cake, special request of Valentine’s Baby, to bake and decorate.


Fun times! I’m so looking forward to Sunday!


  1. I just know your crowns are going to be a big hit!

  2. You think allowing Nora to splash in dish water is a sign of a good mommy? You take the "Mommy-Of-The-Year-Award" and it's only February. I have NEVER even come close to quilting crowns for my kid's birthday parties. You are my hero!

    FYI: Your girls can come and wash dishes at my house...anytime! :)

  3. See - they DO look amazing! The perfect, even quilting lines- argggghhhhh! But I love he solid, neutral color that is a fabulous canvas for kids to be creative on. And those gemmy things! Kate would eat those. And I laughed at the doll-cake-mold. All mothers (and grannies) have one of those stashed away somewhere, don't we? I have a hard time explaining to E that she may NOT play with the cake dolly even though it looks Barbie-like, because it is only half a dolly and would be very disturbing to dress a stake.

  4. How totally fun! I hope you can share pictures of some of the decorated crowns. I'm dying to see what the kidlets do with them. I also agree with LiEr that the quilting lines are gorgeously perfect. How do you do that? The Minnesota Women of Awesome strike again!

  5. Sandy (AZbelle) - thanks, the girls all seemed to like them.

    Jenny, yeah, I need to send them elsewhere to splash in the water. Some days I manage to just ignore the wet clothes/counter/floor if the fun is happening, but most days I tend to hover with twelve towels at the ready...

    LiEr - "dress a stake" ah ha ha! Too true!

    Chris - it was indeed fun to watch each kid at work. Such varying techniques and ideas in those 8 kids! I'll see if I have some good pics. But don't let these photos fool you - there was all sorts of wonkiness in my lines. Oh, and ugh, rats nests of threads on the bottom side. (Time to clean out my machine/change my needle?!?) I just cut them off and reminded myself it was for a 4-6 year old. Had it been an actual quilt, I would've been tearing my hair out, not to mention lots of stitches... MWoA - ha ha. Cute! Maybe I should use that on a business card someday - can you just imagine? : )



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