Tuesday, February 16

While We Wait…

Party is over. Went great. Lots of fun. Intended to post some photos, but decided I want to check with the parents first before I post their offsprings’ faces online.

So, to celebrate the other event on Sunday – albeit a few days late – here’s a photo I took recently at the breakfast table.


On a regular basis, I have at least one of my children needing a napkin or towel, having jostled her bowl or knocked over her glass.

“Mama, I spilled my milk.”

“Mama, my shirt is wet.” 

“I’m sorry, Mama.” 

But on that morning, I unexpectedly heard an excited “Hey, Mama, I spilled my milk and IT LOOKS LIKE A HEART!”

And it reminded me of the small hole we discovered in the concrete entry of our local Sam’s Club last summer. (I do miss my old camera, but love that the new one fits in my pocket and comes almost everywhere with me now.)


And just the other night, middle kid called me into her bedroom. “Look at the shadow our flower lights are making!” Sure enough, up on the ceiling: a huge heart, made by the light partially cast off by two lamps that were positioned in just the right spots at that moment.

My girls adore finding these symbols of love in the most unexpected places.

That got me thinking about how I live my life, especially in front of them, day in day out…

They spill their milk – how do I react? They do what I’ve told them a million times not to do – what do I say? And how do I say it? They carry on during the dreaded Hour Before Dinner, shredding my last nerve – what do my hands, my voice, my eyes communicate to them?

I’ve dropped the ball in the past and know I will in the future, but I want to do my part in leaving “symbols of love” in unexpected places…

Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!



  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about your party. We have ours this Saturday, so hopefully it goes well (and I get everything I need to done before then!)

    Love the milk shaped like a heart. Children know how to find the beauty in everything.

  2. If we all looked at the world through the eyes of a child, how much brighter and happier our worlds would be. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful thoughts and images, it made my day! :)

  3. Your girls may not realize it yet, but you are a "symbol"
    of love to them. You are a fabulous, loving mommy. You're a heart!

  4. Can't wait to see a picture of the cake!

  5. I was just reading this morning about the "possibility thinking" that children are likely to do without effort. As adults, we too often get bogged down in what we have learned or experienced. We all need to see the positive possibilities around and IN us!

  6. Karin,

    You have made many "symbols" of love for your girls too. They take on shapes like...pillow cases, tooth fairy pillows, purses, and crowns! :) They see those symbols daily.

    You also stay at home with them. That's a HUGE symbol of LOVE!

  7. MaryAnne, I'm sure Saturday will be loads of fun. I didn't get everything done before MINE but it still worked out OK. ; )

    Sandy, thanks for your visit and your note!!

    Thanks Kristi! You are one too!

    Suz, see next post. : )

    Ma, thanks for sharing that. sounds like an interesting book.

    Mmm, that's another way to look at my maniacal "making" o stuff. And staying home too. Thanks for the perspective, Jenny!!

  8. too often i regret how or what i snap at my kids (its funny we minus the heart we have so much of the same thing going on with them milk) ... it amazes me how none the less they are filled with love for us...perhaps a small illustration of the love that the Lord has for us...it is amazing what He teaches us through our children (which i almost daily feel unworthy of)

  9. Too true, Ezeldabeth. Thanks for this note!!! My two older ones each told me again today how much they love me... So nice when that happens spontaneously.



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