Monday, February 1

Non-Plastic Veggie Bags

As plastic is being pooh-poohed these days, it seems like cloth/reusable grocery bags are becoming much more mainstream. But what about before you even get to the check out counter? What about all those flimsy produce baggies?

Chris over at WifeSoup recently sewed up a solution using tulle and yarn. And since I wanted a gratifyingly quick project the other night – and have an immense amount of tulle still leftover from my wedding coordinating days – I copied her. So fast, so fun.


The only thing missing in her tutorial is directions on how to successfully convince the other adults in a family unit to use these bags.

* * *

And a sneak peek of some other recent sewing. I still have quite a bit to figure out and do, but a transformation (mentioned near the end of this post) is well underway. Ha, I wrote back in Aug ‘09 it would be “soon”…



  1. Brilliant idea... I've been putting off making some produce bags (mostly because I'm lazy but also because I don't like the idea of not being able to see inside!). Well you've solved that problem for me. Although I don't have much tulle floating around...

  2. LOL! Looks a little familiar! :) This year, I am probably going to Mexico with Mark. That means...I'll will be picking out MY OWN dress this year! ;-) I'll see if I can find a modest one. Take you time, K. I don't ever like being in a, no worries.

  3. Oh yay! I can already tell yours are sewn way nicer than mine. The straight stitch looks cleaner and you'll probably never have an issue with popping seams since the bags are big anyway.

    I put the produce bags into the fabric grocery bags so that they make it into the store. Unfortunately, at my house, I'm the one that forgets them. I have a note on my steering wheel and I keep a running total of how many bags I bring home. That's all I got for getting members of the house to use them short of imposing a "tax" on each bag that comes into the house.

    Cheap tulle at Joann's is around $1.50 a yard (here in Maine, anyway) and it's even cheaper when it's on sale. I got a yard for $.88 a couple of weeks ago and turned it into 4 bags for my MIL.

  4. thanks for chiming in, everybody. I love hearing what you all have to say. : )

    Gina, let me tell you, Chris -- the one I got this idea from -- is an Brilliant Idea Generator Extraordinaire. Everyone has different strengths and one of hers seems to be making connections between various stuff to come up with great ideas. (All that to say, she gets the credit for this idea!)



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