Friday, February 5

Cardboard Canoe

More cardboard water vessels being made around since the Narnian ships aren’t big enough for real little girls. Sophie brought this box to me, asking for help because “my canoe isn’t pointy.” I’m in love with my hot glue gun (where was it all my life?!?) but needed to pull out the duct tape for this one too. Mom thought the canoe would look great with red tape all around the top edge too; but Child disagreed. Also disagreed that it needed further adornment of any kind, other than 3 stickers!


I also made her a paddle (but should’ve made it with the corrugation running lengthwise so it wouldn’t bend and be so floppy) and a seat. To lend support to the seat, I cut off the long flaps of the box, then we folded them back and forth, and I glued them in place, with the seat glued on top. Strong enough now to hold even my weight.


Here’s Lucy going for a paddle on the “Turn River” which, according to Heidi, is near the Grand Canyon.


I’m sure I have a bigger box in the garage somewhere… but they like the small one, just the way it is.


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! yes, it seems we both have the same sort of kids that are quite happy with undecorated things! but i *love* this canoe! i'll have to remember this for the next big box that comes our way!

    by the way, i don't know if you do this sort of stuff, but i have a giveaway going on my blog, and i'd be happy if you wanted to participate! lisa

  2. CUTE! Would love to write more but must go and get very late breakfast now. Or at least, a breakfast anytime before lunch, which is in 45 mins.- L

  3. *stamps feet* I want a cardboard canoe or boat, too!!!!!

    That is so cute. I can see they love it the way it is. It's just precious. I hope you save that canoe thru the years for THEIR kids to play in, too, Karin!

  4. Do you have a HUGE pile of cardboard sitting out in your garage? I maybe have a cereal box waiting to be picked up by the garbage man. :)

  5. Oh, right, Lisa, thanks for the reminder -- I saw the button but haven't stopped long enough to follow up. deadlines almost here! i better hurry!!

    LiEr, you're in good company -- I'm just eating my lunch now... at 2:15.

    Yeah, Susan, if it were up to me, I'd have that boat forever. Up to my husband, it would be in next week's recycle bin. But I'm leaving it up to the kids, which means it'll probably morph into a ship, then a puppy house, then a doll's room, before finally falling to pieces. : )

    And Jenny, yes. Huge pile! Leaning on my garage wall. And squirreled away in my crawlspace. And tucked behind my buffet. And... Kenny's more like you; just imagine what he goes through living with me!

  6. OMG. She's so cute it's killing me. That little finger is so cute! You're the bestest crafty mom ever!

  7. What a great canoe! If you make more of those, you could go canoeing (??) together ;-)

    You sound like such a fun and wonderful mom, Karin. And your little girl looks adorable.

  8. Thanks, Alice & Karin. You're too kind! Oh that I were always the mom (or person) I appear to be on my blog!

  9. I love this! Now to work out one big enough to fit both Emma AND Johnny (and, if she has her way, Lily - who thinks she is now big enough to do EVERYTHING at the ripe old age of six months!)

  10. Best of luck on your bigger boat, MaryAnne. Ours is hardly big enough for ONE, much less three... I seem to remember Kitten Muffin (at filthwizard) making a HUGE boat, but perhaps you could make a more modest one with similar sized boxes end to end, with their ends cut off to make it one long canoe...

    (Hard to believe Lily is SIX MONTHS already!)

  11. Reminds me of a Grateful Dead song, Comsic Charle. "I bought you a paddle for your paper canoe"



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