Sunday, January 31

Cardboard Ships

Apparently my girls aren’t the only ones obsessively reading or listening to the Chronicles of Narnia and then running around, recreating the scenes, British accents and all.


A post by Lorraine over at ikatbag came at the perfect time last week, just when I’d been feeling the need to work on a project with the girls, but wasn’t sure what it should be—something fun that would grab and keep their attention for a while. Narnian ships, made out of cardboard – pattern included – was just the project we needed!


We ended up with two ships, both of which departed from the design of the Dawn Treader in the story. Heidi’s had the dragon figurehead… but a red sail, decorated with a white Aslan.


And while Sophie’s sail was purple just like in the book, she wanted a mermaid at the front.


The scale of our insides was a little inconsistent – playmobile people make great captains at the helm…


…but are a little too big to fit into their quarters below deck.


To avoid getting small pieces stuck in those tiny quarters below, I made it so the whole floor could be lifted up.


All aboard!


Over the next few days, it was fun to see the girls add on – a treasure chest (filled with a crown, a “fancy pillow,” a wand, and a glass slipper among other things, some more decorations, beds, lockers and who knows what else.

Thanks Lorraine! You inspired not only me, but also a friend who visited, went home with my pattern pieces and some cardboard and made two for her girls too!  


  1. LOVE the stairs! So clever! I loved reading how your girls' minds worked - the treasure chest with fancy pillow and wand and everything is something Jenna esp would say! You did a lot more with your ships than we did with ours. Am glad. Itching to make something else with cardboard now. Am thinking suitcases - like PBK type suitcases. Must go buy hardware (hinges and locks) from Home Depot and see if we can recreate them. And then make some sunday hats, and the girls can play Titanic!

  2. Your girls are into Chronicles of Narnia? I have been wondering if my girls would like the series yet? But you know me and reading...I haven't ever read them myself and if I wait til I do, Ari might be about 20.

  3. We just bought The Chronicles of Narnia (on CD) for Hannah for Christmas. She REALLY, REALLY liked it. That's all she did for a week. We also have the books but they have too many big words at the moment.

  4. LiEr, suitcases sound fantastic -- and I'm sure you can pull it off in ways that will amaze the rest of us! : )

    KLK, Jenny's Hannah is right around Ari's age -- I bet your kids would love the books/CDs just as my and Jenny's and LiEr's kids have! Check your library (or interlibrary loan) for the stories on CD, or the dramatizations, which is what we have. Before getting this CD set made by Focus on the Family's Radio Theater, we got the Horse and His Boy presented by BBC Radio, from the library - that one was really good too.



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