Friday, October 9

Patterns, Poodles, and Praying Angels

Not too much “making by k” going on right now. Everyone in this house has been sick with something different this past week and my version seems to have moved into my nose and made itself comfortable for the long haul.

(Anyone know of a good way at 2 a.m. to unblock a nose enough so you don’t feel like you’re suffocating every time you have to close your mouth in order to swallow, especially when you’re horizontal, i.e. trying to sleep?!? Something other than Dayquil, Nyquil, various forms of Sudafed, Affrin, BreatheRight Strips, and a Netipot? Ken suggested I shove two straws up there. At this point, I’m quite tempted to try it…) Edited 10/11: Breathing easier. Thanks!

I have been working on typing up the Hello Kitty Scarf crochet pattern, which was going great til I couldn’t find a crucial page of my chicken-scratched notes. And my brain is currently taxed enough remembering my kids’ actual names, much less a series of stitches I did over a month ago…

In the mean time, HeidiLucySophie has been delighting me with her construction paper creations. First my little designer outfitted a cereal box villa for her fist-sized poodle, who needs a comfy place to sleep…IMG_1542

…and somewhere to eat after she’s been out shopping with her pink purse. (Mom did help the designer make the table supports.) IMG_1549

There’s plenty of space in her trunk for all her purchases…IMG_1550

…and apparently she heard the same tip as her designer’s mom did, which is to keep a small waste basket in the car, not that her designer’s mom’s car looks anywhere near as tidy as hers.IMG_1551

Poodle also loves to read, use her yellow laptop, and send lots and lots of letters. And her kitchen is stocked with healthy produce.IMG_1546

She won’t let the weeks of non-stop rain we’ve been having bother her, not with her umbrella and rain slicker.IMG_1544

She’s spends a great deal of her time on her throne, bearing her crown and scepter – she is Queen Poodle after all…S couch for poodle plus queen stuff

…but she does also enjoy dressing up for a night out to eat. IMG_1692

Unfortunately, while her designer’s mom was willing herself to get out of bed the other morning, her designer was busy cutting up a red table skirt, with which to upholster the throne, and a yellow sock, with which to make her evening gown. Her designer lost scissor privileges for the rest of that day…

Happily, scissors privileges have been restored and Sophie has returned to using appropriate materials only. Yesterday, she worked for quite a while on this angel who is praying (hopefully for my speedy recovery)… IMG_1736

“…in a park… at night…” under a dangling star “because angels always need those stars that hang down, you know?”IMG_1767

She got frustrated when her trees wouldn’t hold up her sky, so I did help her make some sturdier, slotted trunks...IMG_1770

…but the rest was all her. Her ideas, her design, her technique.IMG_1763

Makes my heart happy even though my nose is miserable.

And makes me wonder what she’ll make tomorrow.

So let’s try this sleeping thing again now…


  1. You've probably already tried these things but when my nose is stuffed beyond all reason, I use a bunch of pillows to sleep with my head elevated - not the most comfortable, but it helps my sinuses drain. The other thing is that I keep the warm mist humidifier running and add some Vaposteam.

    Your daughter's creativity is magnificent. That angel is fantastic and I know that my day is coming, but I did get a chuckle out of the "upholstery fabric" choice. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Great, great, great post, K! Loved it! Loved all the stuff you do on your own and with the girls. And Sophie is amazing. So, so amazing. Her precious angel and little poodle. Oh what a proud mom you must be today and every day, clogged nose notwithstanding.

    Poor sick family. We're not so well ourselves, but at least our nasal pipes are clear(ish). I'm with Chris- I sleep with double pillows, and sometimes just camp out on the sofa so that I sleep propped up. Everything else (Vicks, saline, hot steam with menthol etc) is temporary but the sleeping propped up helps. And a decongestant.

    Feel better soon, dear friend!

    P.S. Boasted about you (this post, specifically) in the blog tonight!

  3. And wondering with what she will be creating, eh? ;-)

    Poor you. Did you try to slice an onion and lay it under your bed? It smells like.. well, onions.. the next morning, not the best scent for the bedroom, but it helps to clear your nose. And steam, lots of steam, did you try that?

    I hope you are feeling a little bit better soon!


  4. A doctor once told me that the drains for the sinuses work best in this way. Lie across your bed on your back, shuffle yourself until your head is off the bed and lying backwards upside down, lie like that for a few minutes then your nose should be able to blow clear. It seems the best drains for the sinuses are located upwards and this is why we can't clear them with a blow, if we invert our head, it allows them to drain. It often seems that our noses run if we bend down for any length of time, this is the reason.

    Love the kids creations too.

  5. thanks so much for your comments and well-wishes. I've been sleeping with gads of pillows after taking steam showers and misting a decongestant up my nose, then laying up-side-down for a while. And am sleeping/feeling much better. So I have not used the onion tip yet, but am intrigued... : )

    You guys are great!!!

  6. great to see the edit and that you are feeling better.

    How amazing is your daughter's creativity? WOW!

  7. Hey K -

    Not much going on here at your blog these days. Are you all still dying of plague? Here's hoping you feel fabulous and are working on super cool Halloween costumes to share with us!

  8. You're right, Chris -- it's been almost two weeks. Thanks for noticing.

    While my girls are still sniffling away, I do feel pretty fabulous again -- but have just been doing boring stuff like wiring in a new light fixture in our crawlspace (we broke the old one 5 years ago!) and pruning the front bushes (to within one inch of their lives, my man would say) and staining trim and decluttering toys and sorting through boxes and boxes of clothes...

    ...and forgetting that Halloween is less than 2 weeks away. Better go start figuring out some super cool costumes. : )

  9. Hello Karin :o)

    You have a good norwegian name (like my sister) are you norwegian??
    Must tell you I looove this blogg, I just jumped into it - like it like it like it!!!
    And love all your handmade things, sewing, crocheting - everything!

    Please mail me this pattern Hello Kitty-scarf with tihs nice picot you showed how to do :)
    Preferably in norwegian, but I guess I figured it out in english as well - I hope.
    What kind of yarn do you use? and size of this "chrochet-ting"????

    Love to here from you soon, I am sooooo exiting about this :o)
    Huuuggggs from Anne:-)

  10. I love the kids' crafts. That's so beautiful that you are documenting that!

  11. Thanks for the note, KnitR! And for the encouragement about documenting...



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