Monday, October 26

Costume Boots for Cheap!

I like the way Sophie’s mask turned out, but my favorite part of the costume is her boots. In one of the Catwoman images I looked at for inspiration, she had these real chunky boots on. But wasn’t sure where I’d find a pair like that, for cheap, in Sophie’s size…

Then I remembered these boots that had seen better days, were no longer watertight, were replaced last year, but still fit Sophie and for some reason hadn’t been thrown away.


Add some black spray paint (and blue painter’s tape to mask off those great silver shapes) and we got some cute “rugged” super villain boots.


Total cost: 97 cents (for the spray paint, that I need for another project anyway)


  1. The costume is super cute. Mommy should wear one just like her! :)

  2. That's awesome!! Great use of those boots... Projects like this make me so happy.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Jenny, it's tempting but I think I'll just go with my ol' standby - The Cat in the Hat...



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