Monday, October 26

Sophie’s Halloween ‘09 Costume


Managed to get one of the costumes done in time for the girls’ class today… well, except for the whip and gloves…


Yes, my four-year-old wanted to be Catwoman for Halloween. Oops, I didn’t realize until just now that Catwoman is a Bad Guy…  Oh well, at least, Sophie’s inspiration was less “Halle Berry,” more “Lego Batman.”

image image

Found the jacket at a thrift shop, and best thing is she can wear it as a normal jacket when this is all over. Silver belt belongs to her older sister. Black leggings are mine – temporarily hemmed up about 6 inches, and waist rolled down about 6 times. Boots were repurposed. And mask was made from cheap black felt.

Now off to finish those gloves and whip…


  1. Very cool. Love the mask! And the clever boots. We must read all the wrong books/play with all the wrong toys at our house. The girls always want princess-fairy-ballerina types. Why? Why? Why not Nordic skiier? Or Eskimo? Or something actually fitting with the 43 deg we're getting on Saturday?

  2. Sophie was very excited about her costume in class today- now I can see why!

  3. Oh good, I don't have the only preschooler who likes Lego Batman! :) The costume is very cute!

  4. Thanks Dee and jenna!

    LiEr, apparently you don't have a husband who bought a Wii "for the kids" like mine (and I assume Heather's?) did... Ha ha, eskimo! Perhaps you could convince them to be a princess eskimo?

    Heather, I wonder sometimes if I should be worried about how much my kids know about Lego Batman!!! Perhaps we should form a little support group?

  5. Awww,she looks very cute. And dangerous, ofcourse!



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