Sunday, October 25

Too Much To Do Tutu

Hi there. Yes, I’m still here. I just get kinda quiet when I’ve promised something (e.g. Hello Kitty crochet pattern) and then take my sweet time in delivering. Keeps me from wanting to post anything else…

But time to jump back in. So let’s start with today’s project:


The Too Much To Do Tutu.

Thusly named because I have

  • 2 Halloween costumes to finish (preferably by 3:45pm TOMORROW so my girls won’t be the only ones in their gymnastics classes not wearing costumes);
  • and a puppet theater to drape with curtains (not our cardboard theater – no, it’s someone else’s, I’m just the curtain-maker);
  • and a dress to transform by November (which will soon be here!!!);
  • and goulasch to cook up (or else figure out something else to do with the 6 pounds of beef and pork in my fridge!)
  • and… and… and…

But what do I do?

  • Make a tutu for a dear little friend of ours, who celebrated her 5th birthday party today! A party I’ve known about for weeks…

Which reminds me, Heidi and Lucy are still waiting for their tutus. I should make them quick while the steps are still fresh in my mind. And maybe take some pictures along the way.

But I’m not promising a tutorial.

‘Cause I’d like to post again before we see December.


  1. I bet that will be one happy birthday girl! :-)

  2. is it that time of the year when everybody is busy with sewing? Lovely Tutu...and yes patiently waiting for the tutorial!



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