Monday, January 12

Pillow Progress

I decided I didn't need to do a whole granny square spiral blanket. I could just do a pillow and finally use up all those pillow forms that are cluttering up the top of my (newly tidied) workroom closet. And add some color and personality to my couch.

Now I just need to pop in to the thrift store and find a matching sweater, to finish it up. (Lucy at attic24 has a great tutorial for how to make a pillow back from a jumper a.k.a. sweater.) Well, maybe I also need to make a cover for the pillow form -- it does show through the holes if you look close...

Speaking of tutorials, I want to make a note here of how I did this, especially the beginning. But that'll have to wait till I'm at my laptop, not my phone. And till I find my scribbled notes...

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