Friday, January 16

Daughter’s Cowl with Button

Just realized I haven’t posted a picture of eldest daughter’s crochet project now that it’s finished. She looks so grown up wearing her cowl and she’s so proud.

But that reminded me of Middle Girl who also finished a cowl, who also looks so grown up wearing it (well, when she’s not being silly for the camera), and who is also so proud of what she finished.

20141217_211858  20141217_211901

A gift for her classroom intern who has since returned to college in Germany, it’s actually a long scarf, knitted on her round loom, so it naturally curls all along the long edges.

To make it into a cowl, I helped her make a detachable button. That’s also reversible. In case her intern wants to show a more sassy lime green side.

20141217_211718  20141217_211720  20141217_211722

A close-up of the button – actually two buttons, spaced a little apart and connected with yarn that’s then been wrapped around itself.


Now she’s been hired by our next-door neighbor to make a crocheted cowl for her little girl. Fun fun!


  1. Wow! I love it! Your daughter is very talented! And it's a great idea to put the reversible button like that! I have never attempted using a loom, but I'm sure that it would be pretty simple to just crochet one normally and do this. Nice job, middle daughter! :) Lisa

    1. The looms are so easy to use! If your kids aren't crocheting or knitting yet but want to make hats, scarves, etc, I highly recommend getting them started on these knitting looms. (Adults can use them too, of course!)

    2. I would like to start teaching my girl to crochet. I finally learned about a year and a half ago and love it! Something about the loom scares me!!

  2. Brava, Middle Child! I like that the reversible button is reversible not only in color but size. Big is cool!

    1. I'll pass your message along to her. ; )



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