Wednesday, January 7

De-Knotting Daughter's Yarn

I was about to start some housework when I saw a crumpled plastic bag, containing my eldest daughter's crochet project. Her first one ever, if you don't count the forest green square she made when learning over Thanksgiving break six ago.

And I remembered her request in the car on the way home from school yesterday. "Mama, can you get a knot out again? I'm stuck."

While I'm at it, I think I'll re-wind the whole ball -- for some reason, it's been getting knotted up way more than usual.

At some point, I'll teach her how to de-knot (and re-wind) yarn herself. But for now, during this time of setting a foundation for a skill that I'd like to last her a lifetime, not just be a two-month passing interest, I think I'll make it as easy as possible for her to pick up her hook and crochet! The housework can wait fifteen minutes.

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