Sunday, November 22

Yummy Turkeys for your Thanksgiving Table…

I haven’t posted since Halloween and now it’s already Thanksgiving here in the States. How did that happen?


Anyway, here’s a fun little snack we made with the kids a few years ago: tasty turkeys… that my kids didn’t complain about eating!

The above photo is the only one I could find. But they’re really simple to make. For each turkey you need:

  • 2 double stuf oreos
  • 5 candy corns
  • 1 raisinet (or some other chocolate covered something)

So then to make your little turkeys:

  1. Twist/pull one cookie off one of the double stuf oreos so you expose the frosting. There’s your turkey’s body.
  2. Eat the cookie so you have the energy needed to finish.
  3. Stick the second oreo—standing on edge—into the frosting of the first oreo near the side.
  4. Stick the candy corns upsidedown into the top of the second oreo. There’s the tail.
  5. Stick the raisinet into the frosting in front of the tail. There’s the head.

And it’s done. Yum.


  1. I definately want to put these on the dessert list for our Thanksgiving. The kids will love them (and a few adult Oreo fans). Very cute!

  2. Hope you enjoy them, Ima!

    And by the way, I hear you created quite the dress refashion. Can't wait to see it on your granddaughter!

  3. That's really cute... and looks super easy to make: A must in our house :)

  4. The McCutcheons are going to do this one with the family! Thanks, K!

  5. So cute! Could I make them for a cast of 70 today? I doubt it.

  6. Just wanted to say we made this! The kids loved it! Thank you! Hope you're having a healthy, restful advent. Ours is already insane. Love the HK scarf pattern! I mean, it might as well have been in Chinese to me since I don't crochet, but I love that you're sharing it! Emily has just asked to wear her scarf to school tomorrow because it snowed today and she is finally able to get out all her cold clothes!



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