Saturday, January 7

Hello, Eggbert

or, How To Make A Four-Year-Old Laugh Out Loud With Delight

  1. While making lunch, add assorted food to a hard-boiled egg, e.g. cracker halves for feet, shredded cheese for hair, grape slices for eyes, and a celery slice for a mouth (grapes and celery skewered into place with toothpicks broken in half).
  2. Place plate in front of unsuspecting four-year-old.



  1. Love Unsuspecting Four-Year-Old's new hairdo! And the egg is pretty awesome, too!

  2. How cute! I wonder if it'd work as well with an 8 year old! :D

  3. Thanks, LiEr. The other two have it just as short now.

    Thanks, Amy. Try it with the 8-yr old! When my eldest saw the blog post, she asked why she never got an egg like that. She'll be getting one in her lunch this week -- tee hee!

  4. ha! that's hilarious! and love the haircut. i might have to try something like that on my little girl! :) lisa



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