Wednesday, February 16

Marriage Adventure “Wedding” Cake

The cake for Al & Mary was my first wedding cake.
And I said it would also be my last.

I lied.


A friend asked if I would make a cake for the
Marriage Adventure Weekend Retreat she was helping to plan. 
I couldn’t say no – my fingers were itching to make
another tower of tiers.


A friend who was at the retreat sent me some photos titled “before”…


…and “after” (two tiers were chocolate, one was yellow cake).


Someone asked how long it took to make…

That’s hard to say.

Do I count just the baking and frosting time?
What about making the frosting?
And shopping for all the ingredients?
And going out again because I didn’t have enough shortening?
And going out again because I thought of more stuff I needed? 
What about the cutting and gluing of the cake bases and spacers? 
And the time spent figuring out how to make it so it would be easy to transport and assemble (since I wouldn’t be doing that part)?

I probably spent as much time with a glue gun and utility knife
as I did with a pastry bag and spatula…


…which is just fine by me. : )

(That weird collection of cardboard rectangles above
is the box I outfitted to transport the top two tiers.)


  1. you are amazing! I love cute and simple. I wish I could eat a slice.

  2. it was so pretty I couldn't tell if it was real or fake:O) It tasted like heaven in a bite. Thank you for sharing your gift in this amazing made the event "the icing on the cake"...

  3. thanks.

    and thanks, heather for saving all the structural pieces for me. guess i'll have to make another now... : )



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