Thursday, February 17

Irving Meets a Giant

(continued from here)

Coming back inside, Irving eventually came upon Anna, the Drooling Giant.


She greeted him with a slobbery kiss…


…tried to bite his crinkly ears…


…and tickled his soft belly.


And then she discovered his trunk. (It looked a lot like her momma’s index finger, but was much softer.)


She promptly put in her mouth. Again and again and again.


With his foot being squeezed and his trunk being gummed, Irving tried to imagine the future that lay ahead of him if he stayed with this giant. The drooling. The dragging. The squeezing. The squealing.

And thinking about these things, Irving was happy. So very happy. He had found his purpose.

The End

P.S. Anna’s mother’s finger was very happy too.

* * *

(Many thanks to certain family members for the
use of your Christmas gifts and your arranging expertise.
Also to my sweet girls for your enthusiastic help with the story.)


  1. Hooray for a happy ending! Love his soft belly, too.

  2. What an adorable story. I have enjoyed following it. I am so glad Irving is finally happy. Who wouldn't be with such a beautiful baby to play with! She is gorgeous!

  3. I love a good ending to a good story!

  4. K! I loved Irving's story! It was so much fun to follow along with each chapter - oh, I wanted so much for Irving to find his place in the world. I bet the girls loved publishing their first illustrated story on the internet! Irving is so cute - my favorite parts of him are his circular feet - eeeeeeeeee! Round.

    Argh - K woke up, must stop gushing now and go act like Mother.

    Love, L

  5. my son's favorite toy was an elephant with crinkly ears...but irving is so much cooler than edgar was...irving has such a wonderful purpose!

  6. Thanks, friends. It's fun to hear your thoughts!



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