Friday, February 25

Little Owl’s Owl Birthday Cake


My Little Owl, Sophie-kins, turned six last week! Which meant it was her turn to spend a night and a day with Mama and Daddy and nobody else.

And the plan was that her two sisters and Omi would make her a birthday cake while we were gone. She’d requested something “with an owl, sitting in a tree” and Heidi had the idea that the leaves should be heart-shaped, since her birthday is on Valentine’s Day.

But they only got as far as baking the cake. Didn’t even turn it out of the pan. So while my mom was cooking up a quick spaghetti dinner, I sketched out a plan…


…and got to work. I’m rather surprised at myself that I mixed up this many colors (four!), but the design kinda dictated it. And I gotta admit, I was having fun, even in my time crunch.


While I did use a coupler and metal tips for the pink, for the rest I just used parchment triangles with the point snipped off. Easy peasy. I’ll have to do that more often… when a fancy-shaped tip isn’t required.


We had to laugh at how well Soph coordinated with her cake:
pink headband, green pants, and a shirt covered with
pink, yellow, green, brown and owls!!! : )


Happy birthday, my sweet, creative child. You are so precious to me!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sophie!

    What a beautiful cake! I love the owl!

  2. Happy birthday, Sophie!

    K, you should go work for the "Cake Boss"! :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. It was a fun cake to work on.



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