Tuesday, August 24

Al and Mary’s Wedding Cake

Encountered some troubles along the way,
don’t think I’ll be making a wedding cake again any time soon,
but in the end, it turned out just like I wanted it to.
A rustically elegant cake…


…for an elegantly rustic couple.


Five two-layer square tiers: 6”, 8”, 10”, 10”, 12”, two yellow cakes, three chocolate (Devil’s Food, to be exact). All were covered with high-humidity buttercream frosting, then piped with green buttercream. Flowers and leaves made of gumpaste, painted with green petal dust in certain spots, then outlined with chocolate buttercream.


My brother, Al, and his buddies made the cake base and pillar section, using plans I gave them. Well, sort of using plans I gave them, but that’s a whole other story that includes drilling a cake… By the way, Al also made the trellis and sign shown in the ceremony photos above. Cool, huh? He’s a neat guy. And Mary’s a neat gal.

Congratulations, Mary and Al.
May your life together be as sweet
as all the frosting I slathered on your cake! 



  1. Karin, that is so gorgeous.... you did a great job! I'm sure your brother and his new wife were thrilled.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is a HUGE cake! Awesome! How did you get this done???

  3. thanks, friends.

    MsMuffin, well, I flew in four days before the wedding and worked on and off til right before the ceremony! When I have a bit more down time, I think I'll post some in-process pictures...

  4. Oh, this is just like Cake Boss...my new favorite show! You're great, Karin. (So very talented...in just your pinky finger alone)



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