Wednesday, February 27

Awana Verse Board

I'm so glad this finally made it from inside my head out onto my wall! Heidi is halfway through her second year in Awana Cubbies, but I felt like we were just sending her there each week to eat some treats, have some fun, see some friends, and--oh yeah--recite a Bible verse that we'd only reviewed with her once or twice, sometimes even just in the car on the way to Cubbies! I figured it was time to start being more intentional a la Deut 11:18-21. So among other things, I wanted the weekly verse to be big and out where we could easily see it and talk about it and learn it together as a family...

So then starting my quest for a large yet cheap/free picture frame to use. Not so easy to find, especially during winter, a.k.a. non-garage sale season. Then while pulling things out of our crawlspace in an effort to declutter, I found a blast from my past: a puzzle I'd assembled, glued together and then framed during my "Aren't black&white photos of kids with red-tinted roses SO cute" phase. Puzzle ended up in the trash, frame ended up on my work table.

Rather than describe the design iterations and the roadblocks I ran into (due to the fabric I chose, the frame assembly, etc.), I'll just say: Hopefully, one day I'll learn to do things the simple, easy way the first time around, rather than doing about 314 complicated steps, realizing after all that painstaking work it still isn't coming together as envisioned, so throwing it together in disgust and impatience, and then realizing I'm just as happy with the quickie result. Arrgh.

But oh, what a treat it's been these last few weeks. 1) It's partially red and anything red makes me happy. 2) It requires weekly rewriting and handwriting stuff each week with my big fat dry erase marker makes me happy. 3) It's started some great conversations between my kids and me and seeing into their minds and hearts like that makes me happy. And 4) It's a big bold reminder of God's Word, not just for my little memorizing Cubbie but for my husband, for me, for anyone who enters my home! Which makes me exceedingly happy!


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