Tuesday, January 25

Irving and the Little Critters

(continued from here)

Soon, Irving came upon some other animals. They were welcoming and loving and made him feel right at home (even though he didn’t fit inside the home).


They had a lot of fun together. During the day, all of his new friends would climb up onto his high, strong back for a ride.


And at night, they would all snuggle up close to his soft, warm tummy.


But each day, he worried about dropping one of his new friends or – even worse – stepping on them, crushing them to death. And each night, he couldn’t sleep, for fear that he would roll over onto one of his new friends, again crushing them to death.

He was very unhappy.

Perhaps he needed to find an animal his own size…

(to be continued)


  1. This is awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

  2. thanks, sara. the girls and i are having a fun time writing them!

  3. Hiii Karin :o)
    WOW I loooove your blogheader!!
    And also the small toy-animals, my grandchildren use to play with these lovely ones!
    You are so good in norwegian language, Karin :o) - yes only a few more words to go, ahahaha! The words you understand is quite right, you are good. I do not know German - only a few words - German is not easy to learn!!
    I remember your Hello Kitty scarf(granny square), love it so - still I didn`t make it - but I will! Did you see my croched Kitty dolls at my blog?? They are qute!
    Have a nice day, Karin:)
    Hugs, Anne!

  4. Karin,

    I am always amazed at your talent! I am also reminded of how I want to make one of your "Crocheted Starling Handbags". Each time I come on your blog, I see a photo of one. So, maybe...I should learn how, huh? Tell me that it's easy to learn.

  5. Yes, Jenny, you should definitely learn to crochet! For some people it's easy, for some it's a little trickier but definitely doable either way. And definitely worth it!

    And the Starling Handbag is great in that it's essentially only one kind of stitch...

  6. I really want to rub Irving's belly for him. Great choice of material.

  7. Thanks, Monica. Yeah, that stuff is SOOO soft!!



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