Wednesday, December 2

Hello Kitty Granny Square Scarf Pattern


OK, so people keep asking for the pattern for this scarf. I wrote it up and have been sending it out, but I keep finding out about more mistakes and confusing parts and and and.

I want to help people enjoy making this scarf, not pull their hair out while they muddle through.

So next idea, put the pattern here instead.

But it got way too long, so I put it here... 

All I can say is Longest. Post. I Ever. Wrote.


  1. So, I was reading about the bags that LiEr just made that were based on your more squared bags. I've been poking around your blog looking for the tutorial (Buttercup needs one of those bags) and while I didn't find that, I did manage to find all sorts of other projects that are totally inspiring. You have completely solved my quilt-back problem. I'm considering new ways to revamp my totally out-of-control mudroom. So hard... to focus... on finishing gifts! Must... stay... on... target.

    I'm a little glad that I haven't figured out how to crochet yet. Otherwise I'd be totally derailed.

  2. Ah, Chris, you didn't find a tutorial because there isn't one. At least not on the blog.

    It's sitting in my Drafts folder, where it's been sitting, about 92% complete, since... I don't remember, March?

    Glad you found some other stuff you like. May you have more luck staying focused on gifts than I've been having. (How can I focus on making gifts when I have an 80s costume party this upcoming weekend and have too many ideas on stuff I could make for that?!?)

  3. This is the best written pattern ever!!!! I found something similar on Raverly but it was so wrong. I was thrilled when I stumble upon yours and it was pure pleasure! Thank you so much! I was able to crochet Hello Kitty bag out of your squares for my little neighbor's birthday! She is so happy and proud of it!

  4. Yay, thanks for sending that to me! So glad you understood it and could use it!

  5. Nice! :D Thanks for the pattern. I will so try making these! Its so adorable! ^-^ I like the extra touches you made at the edge. Cute! :D

  6. I made this scarf for my daughter and it's wonderful! I switched the pattern a little bit and had alternating kitty & granny squares, but it was a great pattern and really easy to make. The join as you go stich was great to make and made life so much easier. Thanks so much for this :)

  7. I just wanted to say that I love your pattern! I've made one for myself and put it on my crochet blog (but I did give you credit as I found your pattern years ago online). I made the granny square for my Japanese culture to the outsider class in College, and I got an A (I also did a speech about Hello Kitty History). Thank you!!!



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