Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve Senses

All is calm, all is bright. Here I sit…

feeling the soft elephant taking shape in my hands…


hearing Handel’s Messiah and the crackling of the fire my dad built…

smelling the curry chicken we’ll be eating soon…

tasting the Christmas goodies I’m snacking on right now…

seeing my mom, husband, and kids building a sledding trail when I glance out the window (I think I’ll go join them once the potatoes are done!).


I love moments like this.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas, K and a Happy New Year too. Your blog made me want to join you! :)

  2. Thanks J. You too!! Your comment reminded me that I meant to reply to your note about N&G being here -- we had SUCH a nice time with them!!!

    And also reminded me I need to send out an email about end of Jan weekend. You coming?!? You should! : )



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