Saturday, October 1

Saskia's birthday cake

It's Saskia's 16th birthday today and here's her cake.

Back when we were making the cake for the Exchange Student Picnic, she had seen a birthday cake in my little cake book and commented that she liked it, so that's the one I chose as my inspiration. I know she likes sunsets and I think this cake kind of invokes that feeling...
I used 2 9" rounds - cut the dome off the lower one but left it on the top one, why cut off good cake, right? (Though I wish I could figure out how to bake cakes without them getting such a high dome in the middle... I wonder if those wilton "wrap" things would help...) Then did a crumb coat and covered it with a big bowl. When I went to put the good thick coat of frosting on the top, it pulled the crumb coat off. Aaargh! I wonder if that was because I had covered the cake and so it didn't "dry" right, or if the frosting I was using was too stiff. I ended up adding more milk and then it worked.

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  1. HI Karin. I finally got around to looking at your other blogs. Regarding the dome on the cake, it is actually quite easy to remedy. Before you bake it, simply push the batter out from the middle toward the sides just before putting it into the oven. It worked for me!



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