Friday, June 25

‘Strawberry’ Reusable Shopping Bags

So one reason I stopped posting at the start of May til two days ago is that suddenly it seemed like all my projects were gifts and I didn’t want the recipients seeing their stuff here first.

For example, the strawberry bags I made for Sophie’s preschool teachers, inspired by the ones Lorraine at ikatbag made. Not sure where the fourth one is in the photo below – oh wait, now I remember… I couldn’t find the fourth one when I took that picture. Glad it showed up again in time to gift it.*


They’re so cute and tiny when cinched up. Why did I not make any for me?!?


~ ~ ~

*That is, if you call gifting it to the two of her teachers three days after that class was over “in time.” When Sophie announced after her Tuesday science class that she had only one more class with Mrs. D and Mrs. H, I assumed the same was true of her Friday music class. So didn’t bother rushing to finish the bags by Friday. Oops, Friday was the last class with Mrs. B and Mrs. C. Nice that I, as her mother, in charge of the family calendar, didn’t know that. … Just wanted to be clear about this, lest you think I have my act all together. : )


  1. Super cute! I'm sure the teachers didn't mind the tardiness =)

  2. Have gotten LOTS of comments on the bag- my girls love to show it off to folks- thanks again!



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