Tuesday, December 30

I'm Back...

Over the last 21 months of non-posts here on Made By K, I have been making things.

And I've been writing blog posts. In my head. Perhaps it's time to write them on my laptop (or my phone, in this case) instead.

In other news, I learned to knit recently! Saw a fun knit+crochet headband at a store. Bought it. Reverse engineered it. Then proceeded to make it in six different color combinations.

And tonight, with all that fun yarn that's leftover and having just finished cleaning up my workroom, I was about to start an eight-strand never-ending spiral granny square blanket, but then remembered I want to get back to my "won't start one till two are done" system!

And that makes me think of all sorts of other things I want to write, but I'll leave that for another time.

Till next time. Hopefully sooner Sept. 30, 2016 (i.e. 21 months from now).

I think I can manage that...

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back, K! To the manic world of craftbloggology, I mean. Love the headband. Brava for reverse-engineering something and teaching yourself the skill! And just this December, I was thinking that I must ask you to teach me to crochet, so I can make round hats for humans and bunnies. Because there's no way I can reverse-engineer a crocheted hat without, say, seeing Rainbow Loom rubber bands all over the place.

    Here's to more creating in 2015! And if we never get them blogged (which is at least half of what we make over at our house), so be it. The fun is in the making!



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