Thursday, October 14

SEWING : : Nursing Cover Thank-You Gift


Another gift for my friend who loves brown and orange

Recently I went camping---in a tent!---for the first time in about 25 years, and this friend hooked me up with all the “essentials” I was missing: tent, tarp, camping pad, sleeping bag, nice Columbia jacket with “pit vents,” socks, headlamp, and more!

So when she mentioned she’d love to have a nursing cover, I knew just what to do!

I found these fun fabrics in the remnant bins, one yard each. Hooray – more than enough for this project with some leftover for another…


As before, I used quadruple-folded felt instead of boning; but this time, I made it 14” instead of 16” long. I also changed the strap configuration, attaching the D-rings to a strap I cut to be 16” (so it’s about 13.5” after being sewn). So now, to tighten, a mom can pull the other strap down, instead of having to pull it upwards behind her head. Only thing I’m worried about: after a certain point, you can’t pull it any tighter. (See in the photo below how the D-rings are pulled down right next to the edge of the cover?) Perhaps after using it a few weeks, my friend can tell me if it’s working well or not…


And when she’s done with nursing, she could drop it off, let me make a few cuts here, a few new seams there, and she could have a cute apron!


P.S. I really don’t purposely match my outfits to my finished projects but I like that it keeps happening…


  1. This is a very cute nursing cover, and I think I love it as an apron even more!

  2. I love it, K! Hubby said that exact same thing about making it an apron when I am done with it ; ) The new D ring config works great and I LOVE the colors. I am glad you could use my camping stuff- I am a bit surprised my jacket came back though : ) Thought for sure I would hear a story about a bear or rattlesnake or other forest friend and how you saved the group from impending doom by using my coat as a shield, etc., etc. Glad you had fun, and thanks again for the cover!

  3. Thanks, MaryAnne -- I was thinking the same thing about the apron. : )

    So glad you like it, Jenna! Yeah, and don't worry, I'll get that jacket back somehow...



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