Monday, October 31

A Halloween First… Or Not

I was so proud of myself – I finished all the costumes one whole day before leaving for trick-or-treating, instead of the usual one whole minute.

But then I got it in my head this morning that Lucy, the Sugar Plum Fairy (Cat), needed a big plum to cover over the flower on her purple top. And then we found a bigger, better, purplier shirt that did not have a flower in need of covering… but still seemed to want a plum. Or at least I did. So now I’m no longer all finished with costumes.

I was looking up plum images (my sketches were looking too much like a certain body part) while Lucy drew pictures in her little spiral notebook. Suddenly, she handed the notebook over. “Here’s a plum, Mom.”


Clearly, she got her Daddy’s GSD genes. (Get Stuff Done.)

Which reminds me of what Sophie said yesterday. Clearly, she also sees I’m lacking certain GSD genes.

I was working on the mask for her Kaylee The Neighbor’s Golden Lab costume and kept asking her if she wanted it this way or that way, etc.


She finally put her hand on my shoulder, said “No more ideas and no more switching stuff, OK?” and walked out of the room. : )

She does like the finished mask.


But I do have one more idea I want to do with the girls today: little Trick or Treat Thank You Cards, as seen on Filth Wizardy this morning.


  1. That dog mask turned out great! I am glad I am not the only one who is finishing things a minute before needed.. lol. Nice and crisp for trick or treating tonight isn't it? At least it isn't snowing!

  2. Love 'em!! They look awesome... as usual :)

    I actually got the kids' costumes done the night before, too... assuming you don't count that I forgot to cut the eyes out of the ghost's costume until he put it on and said "I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Details, schmetails...

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  5. OMG. They totally have your number, don't they?! I love the "Here's a plum, Mom." and the "No more ideas and no more switching stuff, OK?" I am seriously laughing over here. Ha!

  6. p.s. Google was being weird and publishing my comments as "Unknown" which is why I deleted them until I got them to work. Gah! :)

  7. that is so hilarious! kids always speak the ultimate truth, right?! at least you're better than i am...i didn't even get around to making costumes, even though up to the day before i was sure i would. oops! love the dog costume! :) lisa

  8. Hee hee, Lisa and Alice. Glad you got a laugh out of it too.

    And see, Alice, this is why you should set me up with YOUR blogging system! I'm sure yours would never do such a thing. : )

  9. Oh and Sara!! Your comment was hilarious! For days now, every time I see a white bedsheet around here, I see Drew in my mind's eye, sheet over his head, walking into walls. "I can't see anything!" ha ha ha.



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