Thursday, June 14


The girls love these shoes. Love them! Love them so much they ripped through the cheap green straps with all their traipsing around as princesses.

Heidi: "Mom, can you please fix this?" (How long before she no longer believes I can fix everything? )

Mom: "Sure, let's go find something fabric..."

Heidi: "Ooh, ooh, this one!" as she pulls out a bright orange with polka dots.

Heidi: "But it also needs something fluffy." (Everything these days needs "something fluffy.")

Mom: "Would this work?" as I find some eyelet remnant, seeing as how I'm currently all out of boas, plumes, or other such fluffiness

Heidi: "Oh yes. That's beauuuuutifullllllll!"

Now off to make the other one match (and reinforce it while I'm at it).


  1. Hey! OK, I am almost 2 back in time with this post but just wanted to say I am going to COPY this idea when the girls' shoes go the same way as Heidi's. How did you attach the upper? Hot glue? You didn't sew it to the plastic sole, perchance? I mean, you're amazing-talented but surely not to the point of having a magic sewing machine? Eh?

  2. Magic sewing machine - that sounds great! But no, in this case, the yellow plastic sole was actually two pieces that were screwed together. So I just unscrewed them and then the old, torn green piece came right out. It had two holes at each end that fit onto pegs inside the yellow sole, keeping it in place, but the holes had torn.

    So I used the green as a pattern for the new cloth -- maybe I sewed the orange rigth onto the green? I forget. But in any case, I reinforced and zigzagged the ends so the holes wouldn't tear again, then poked the holes onto the pegs, screwed the soles together again, and the shoe was done.

    So the key question is: does your shoes have screws?!? If not, good luck! : )



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