Sunday, September 20

Crumb Coating: “So THAT’S How They Do That!”

This is what the AHG cakes looked like before their second coat of frosting (and topcoat of fondant).


I thought I’d mention/show this in case you’ve ever tried decorating a cake and driven yourself crazy because crumbs kept showing up in the frosting. Do what the pros do: put on two coats of frosting.

  • initial “crumb coat” – aptly named because it’s often full of crumbs
  • final smooth, pretty coat

Basic technique:

  1. Apply a thin layer of frosting. Don’t worry if you can see the cake through it; don’t worry how many crumbs you get in it. Just be sure to cover the whole cake. Also, if you scoop into your bowl to get more frosting, DON’T LET ANY CRUMBS FROM YOUR SPATULA GET INTO THE BOWL. I usually use a separate utensil for adding more frosting onto the cake if needed. Some people just wipe their main one off.
  2. Let the crumb coat “set”. It should be a bit dry and firm for step 3. Put the cake in a fridge to speed the process.
  3. Apply a thick layer of frosting over the crumb coat. Do this gently so you don’t break the crumb coat!

Also, here are some great how-to videos about crumb coating:

And now you can say what my friend and fellow fondant layer said the other night when she learned all this info: “Oh! So that’s how they do it!”


  1. Oooh err! That's mighty clever. Thanks. I'm planning to ice a cake for my 1-year-old this week, so it's very timely advice.

  2. That's genius! That would work for cupcakes too, right? I'll have to remember that for the next round of birthdays.

  3. Gina, so glad I could pass this info on in time! Enjoy the milestone birthday! : )

    Yup, Chris, this works on cupcakes too.

  4. Holy moley that's genius! Will definitely have to try this out. It will save much frustration and cursing under my breath :)

  5. Yeah, Sara, now we can save the frustration and cursing for all the air bubbles that show up in our supposed-to-be-smooth frosting. At least they do in mine. Methinks I'm getting my frosting consistency wrong... Or something... Anyway, thanks for your note!



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