Thursday, November 10

Look what I found…

…while cleaning up the studio last night with my mom and my husband!


It’s the floor that I installed this summer. The one that’s been missing since August! Hooray!

Practical Husband, after some moving and lifting and installing aid, was soon released from helping any further. He’d asked one too many times, “Why are you keeping this?”

But sweet Momma stayed late into the evening, pulling pieces of fabric off the pile, folding them into neat 3”, 6” or 12” widths, and arranging them in colorful columns.


Aaaaah. I can’t wait to dig into them. So many ideas, wanting to get out…


But first, just a little more work to get the room just a little more ready. The floor will be covered in bits of thread and fabrics and scraps soon enough…


  1. Thanks for the call, K. So nice to hear your voice and to see you blogging again!

  2. thanks, Catherine!

    Michelle, when are you coming up here?!?



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