Thursday, December 27

A Fort

Today, I'm taking a little detour from the usual crafty-type creations featured on this blog and showing what I made today with the help of my little sidekicks. Because just as I hope my girls will learn sewing and crocheting and woodworking and such, I also hope they will become very adept in the fine art of fort-building.

That said, I hesitate to even put this out there because it's certainly NOT one of our better forts. For one, draping sheets over lamps is a bad idea. We didn't catch anything on fire, thank goodness, but one of the lamps did topple off its column at one point. Not good. Also, how can it really be a fort if it has no doors (a.k.a. sofa cushions)? no room dividers (a.k.a. sofa cushions)? no multiple levels (usually made from the now-cushionless sofa)? no binder clips keeping blankets from sliding off the slick leather? no other random paraphernalia turned into construction materials (well, other than the Christmas tree box that was put into active duty as the third roof support)? So really, it's rather paltry when compared to all our previous forts (the memories of which reside only in my head rather than on my camera's memory card, but really deserve posts of their very own!).

But all this meant nothing to my little helpers. They crawled into their little "clubhouse" and played in there happily for a wonderfully long time! Even after I removed two of the code-violating roof supports (a.k.a. too dangerous lamps) and the roof now drooped almost down to their heads. What is it about "nooks" and "enclosed spots" that kids just love?!?

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  1. Cute post. There's nothing like a good fort:) Thanks for entering my give-away. I regret to inform you that you were not randomly selected to be a winner. My deepest apologies;)

    I especially enjoyed your before vs after..... clean-up/clutter posts. I need to get busy on my bedroom. Perhaps I should take a before photo to remember my accomplishment..... uuugh.



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